In November 200 a TMCJ training team traveled to Kathmandu, Nepal, where we trained a team of 12 Nepalis to perform The Story, which they entitled "The Crown of Thorns".


Because of the desire of this team to continue on, we opened a full-time office in Kathmandu, with a director who would oversee the team and process all the invitations they were receiving. TMCJ Nepal/North India director Karmu was raised in a tribal mountain home, where her father was the village Buddhist priest. After her conversion to Christianity, she was rejected by her family and moved to Kathmandu, where the Lord confirmed her decision to join TMCJ full time. SInce then, TMCJ Nepal/North India has done many outreaches in both countries. Karmu and her team have trained others to do "The Crown of Thorns", and have also filmed the production.


TMCJ Nepal/North India also presents The Quest, TMCJ's HIV/AIDS Awareness drama. Here is one of the testimonies from our TMCJ Nepal/North India Director Karmu:


"God has led us in new way in communities with making his people aware of HIV/AIDS.  We met some infected people. They were discriminated and hiding from the society. There was one Pastor whom we met during our workshop in his village. He and his wife both are infected and they were so scared to share their situation to their family and church.

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Crowd in North India
The Story audience in North India

Homesh, Harsha and Karmu
Homesh, Harsha and Karmu

darjeeling 232
The Story in Darjeeling, North India