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The Quest is a TMCJ drama presented in a folk-tale style. It was written by renowned playwright Dr. Gillette Elvgren to specifically address the international epidemic of HIV/AIDS. This captivating drama, which powerfully presents abstinence as the only prevention for this deadly disease, is suitable for audiences of all ages: young children to mature adults, and addresses the issue of HIV/AIDS in a way that is both entertaining and enlightening.

From the opening music to the final bow,[read more="Read more" less="Read less"]The Quest delivers a powerful message regarding the serious issue of HIV/AIDS.


In a manner that is sometimes humorous, The Quest presents abstinence as the only prevention for HIV/AIDS, through the folk tale of a king who is trying to find a husband for his daughter. The kingdom is being devastated by “the wasting disease”, and the young suitors who seek the princess’ hand in marriage, must find a way to stop it. The production is both entertaining and enlightening.


Marie Umidi, president and founder of TMCJ International, producers of The Quest, said, “I think the production will help bring awareness to the local community, not only about the effect of AIDS around the world, but also right here at home.”


With the potential of being used in churches, schools (both public and private), and by community groups, TMCJ has trained their international teams in the production.


It is our goal to see The Quest used to reach as many people as possible, so if you are interested in having your church, school, or community group perform The Quest, please contact us and we will respond with all of the details! [/read]